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Jun 08 2014

The Graduation…

A couple of weekends ago, I made a very short trip back to Memphis, my third in the two years since I left. The sole motivation for this trip was to see the first freshmen I’d ever taught graduate from high school. Of course, I got to spend quality time with some of my dearest…

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Oct 30 2013

The Ideal…

I thought one of the most appealing aspects of being placed to teach in Memphis was that there was no master’s degree requirement. In fact, there was no requirement at all outside of Teach For America professional development to take any coursework toward any kind of additional certification. I had to take a couple of…

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Mar 12 2013

The Evaluation Questions…

My former life and current life overlapped a few weekends ago at the LEARN Conference. The first breakout panel I attended, on teacher evaluation systems, resonated with me, especially having been affected by the new Teacher Effectiveness Initiative in my time in Memphis. A panelist brought up the need to study the evaluation systems and…

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Aug 03 2012

The Art of Teaching…

My brother’s been going to an art class for the past couple of days, and he came home today eager to quiz me on famous artists. It made me think back to the second-grade gifted teacher I had who first opened my eyes to the beauty of the art world. I am by no means…

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