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May 26 2013

The Suitemate…

For those of you starting institute for the first time, the fourth time, and/or the last time, here’s a fond institute memory for you:

Four years ago, I moved into a large suite at St. John’s University in Queens for my first institute experience as an operations coordinator. I was still in college, debating whether or not to apply to the corps. One of my suitemates, Ari, happened to be on the same team I was (communications, and it was the best!!), and she was awesome to work and hang out with (as are pretty much all institute staffers; it’s not a coincidence).

Fast forward to this spring, as I’m looking for summer housing in New York City. I’ve completed my corps commitment and am one year into law school. Who do I think of but Ari, who I know is also in law school and potentially working elsewhere for the summer? I e-mail her and a high school friend also at Columbia Law, asking if they or anyone they know plan to sublet an apartment, and now I am typing this from Ari’s room in Morningside Heights.

It’s not an institute love story or anything, but I like it anyway. Who would’ve thunk? TFA shrinks the world, y’all.

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