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May 02 2012

The [Second] Final Stretch…

“Ms. H., that test was easy.” Music to my ears,┬áthis was what several of my best students told after the state algebra 1 test yesterday. I hope that this confidence is not misplaced. Scores should be back to us in the next two weeks, and I am eager to see how my students performed.

I’ve felt a lot of personal pressure to do better than I did last year, but there are many different ways to measure “better.” If this year’s students average a lower score than last year’s, but their growth is higher, that could be “better.” If this year’s students average higher, with a higher baseline, that could still be considered “better.” It’s probably unfair to make these kinds of comparisons because last year, I had 35 students (in two classes) for twice the amount of time I have my 21 students this year. This year’s sample size, just one class, is certainly too small to draw any grand conclusions, but there is a wide range of achievement in this one class, so at least growth measures might be useful.

For the rest of year, we will be doing ACT Science preparation. I hope there’s not a lot of pushback over doing work even though the test is over. It will definitely come down to investment. Doesn’t it always?

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