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Feb 01 2011

The Tuesday Highs and Lows…

One of my students very obviously does not know how to read. (Can we just stop and reflect for a minute how tragic it is that someone can make it to 9th grade without basic literacy?) His math skills are deficient, clearly, but not terrible as long as there aren’t words involved. Today, he got 100%(!!!!!) on his exit ticket for median, mode, and range. I can’t wait to type his name, along with the other 100%s, on my mastery recap slide for tomorrow’s lesson. I am hopeful that this will build his confidence a little and motivate him to pay more attention rather than just putting his head down.

This pretty much makes up for two dumb mistakes:

  • I let a former student of mine borrow my electric pencil sharpener for a period, and he proceeded to lose it. (He’d borrowed it several times before and always returned it.) Adios, convenient classroom appliance and rechargeable batteries. It’s not a key lever to my students’ success, though, and I’ve got a mechanical one that works just fine in my classroom, too. Oh well. No one’s taking my property out of my room anymore. Live and learn.
  • I ordered two sets of 3-D blocks from Amazon to help my geometry students better understand our next unit: solid geometry (volume, surface area, etc.). You should see these: one set is wooden solids, the other, transparent solids with small plugs so that you can actually fill them with sand or rice or water or what have you to demonstrate volume! I had visions of measuring the lengths, filling them, and then dumping them out into graduated cylinders. I was so excited about finding them… so excited I must have been blinded by glee when I chose the shipping address because my mom received them today in Pennsylvania. Dammit.

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  1. Wess

    Ooh, mastery recap slide! I like that! *steal*

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