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Dec 17 2010

The Payoff…

One short answer topic on the midterm I gave my students was “What is one career you are interested in learning more about? How will geometry help you in this future career?”

The following is the response I received from D.:

One career that I want to pursue is becoming an architect. I am more interested in learning more about it because it has a lot to do with triangles and geometry. Geometry would give me the tools so I could major [in] architecture in college if basketball doesn’t work out.

Geometry would help me with area, perimeter, circumference, ratios, and more and I really appreciate you teaching us these things because everything we do in life has to do with math as you told me.

Even as me wanting to play basketball. You said if I don’t elevate my shot enough [then] I’m gonna air ball. Or even if I throw a bounce pass from the wrong angle, it won’t get to them.

So architect or basketball are my future careers and I would like to know a lot more about them. So I am ready to learn more about them.

D. is a student who had been consistently tardy or absent to my class because he couldn’t get to school on time. He would stay after school to get caught up, and we’d talk about the importance of education, even with his certainty that he’ll play college and professional basketball. I called his bluff about getting to school on time, telling him that if he wanted, I would pick him up every day at 6:45. He said, “No way,” but he hasn’t missed a class since.

His essay (which only had to be 6 sentences) was my early Christmas present.

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    This is FANTASTIC. :) Awesome.

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